Waiting List

Waiting List

Below are gifts that are currently being requested.


Cole was born at 27 weeks. At birth, he suffered a grade 3 brain bleed which resulted in a diagnosis of quadriplegia dystonic CP. He is unable to walk, stands, sits, or crawl unassisted. He also requires complete assistance in feeding. His mom said that he CAN light up a room with his laugh and smile. Cole's mom and PT requested a special stroller to lend greater versatility within his environment. It will not only benefit his family with the ability to transport him to doctor visits, it will provide the support needed for positioning.


Maryelle is 2 years old and was adopted through a foster care system. She had a very tough birth, and as a result has the diagnosis of PVL, CP, seizures, and has vision impairment. Her mom said that "nothing stops her and she continues to surprise us all and keep making progress in spite of her diagnosis." Her OT and mom requested a Squiggles seat. This seat assists in feeding and activities during therapy.


Tania is 6 years old and was diagnosed with a mixed receptive and expressive language disorder. This leads to significant difficulty in being understood and verbally communicating with others. Her doctor and mom requested the Proloquo2go application that will assist her in her many therapies and her communication in the home setting.

If you would like to sponsor a child, please visit our Donate Now page and in the donation form place the child's name in the dedication section of the form.